Alexa Skill Development Package

Are you ready for your business to join the voice revolution ?

Our founder created the first ever custom Alexa skill for a Big Data platform (open source and freely available) that has been shown at major industry events around the world including on the main stage in the keynote at AWS re:Invent 2017 by the AWS CTO.

Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business  allows you to deploy a natural language voice interface privately across your enterprise and we want you to be able to leverage our proven vision and execution ability to create a production-grade custom Alexa skill for your business or technology platform.

  • Stay ahead of the technology curve with an interactive interface that is going to be as commonplace and ubiquitous as the keyboard and mouse.
  • Generate WOW Factor and A-Ha moments with captivating demos that outshine your competitors.
  • Open up new and exciting uses cases for interacting with your platform, such as wearable Alexa devices in hands-free/eyes-free operating environments.
  • Provide accessibility to your platform where visual and/or pointing based interfaces may not be practical, feasible or safe.
  • Ride the wave of industry momentum with a technology that can amplify your lead generation and marketing exposure.
  • Integrate voice-driven business intelligence answers and commands into your meetings and work environment
  • Provide  a unique and captivating experience for your customers to interact with your business or technology platform
Special Pricing

We are kicking off 2018 by offering a special one-off pricing package to develop and support a custom Alexa skill for your technology platform.

Please contact us to discuss pricing and requirements further.

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Author: Damien Dallimore

After the better part of a decade working at Splunk as Worldwide Developer Evangelist, Damien's accumulated body of work has been extensively downloaded and installed in Splunk customer production environments globally, in fact, he is the most downloaded and production installed individual developer in the history of Splunk and many of his creations have become de facto standards in their respective domains, spanning public and private sector customers and all verticals that Splunk touches.He has presented to Splunk developers on the global stage at all sizes of Splunk and Industry developer events and been a trailblazer for countless other Splunk Apps, Tools, SDKS, Frameworks and Developer Initiatives.Damien founded BaboonBones and personally oversees all of the team's development and support.

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