So you need a Splunk App or Integration built , here are 10 reasons to consider us.

We’re the most widely downloaded and production installed developers in Splunk’s history. Splunk field staff, partners, customers and the community have consumed the solutions we support on Splunkbase for nearly a decade in all verticals. I’ll let this speak for itself, it’s not just talk. We’re proven to have created solutions that are compelling and innovative, that there is a genuine demand for, that deliver real data value and that run reliably and robustly in production environments.

All work we do is overseen by Splunk’s former Worldwide Developer Evangelist who has years of internal experience in Splunk development, mentoring other customers & partners to build their successful solutions and was part of inventing and blazing the way for much of what is considered standard today in many aspects of Splunk development.
This translates to experience and hands-on attention to your solution that you simply won’t get elsewhere.

We are a 100% privately held company and well capitalized, we won’t leave you in the lurch for support after we have created your solution for you.We’re in this with you for the long haul.

We have offices and development/support staff spread over multiple time zones across Asia and the Pacific.

We are an official Splunk Partner(TAP) in the Partner+ program.

We believe in the tenet that working software is the primary measure of progress, not emails, meetings and powerpoints.Working code. Throughout the development process, we keep the customer in complete visibility of the work in progress with your own dedicated demo/feedback environment, you are never black boxed out of the picture at any stage.

We have many different support options available so that once we have delivered your solution you can choose or design a support package that best suits your requirements and/or budget.

Many of the free/open source Add-Ons that we support on Splunkbase have formed the core of other successful apps over the years.What a great way to get a running start to creating your solution.Need a JVM based app  ? Then start with the JMX App to bring in your data.Reuse is your friend.

We have world-leading Splunk expertise in many domains and several of our creations have become de facto standards in these domains.Need a JVM based solution, an IoT solution, a Messaging based solution, an integration with an SDK,  we have the proven experience and expertise to guide you.

We love to chart new waters with challenging Splunk integrations that have a real WoW factor.This is what will set you apart and generate A-Ha moments.Anyone can create an Add-On to just pull in some data , we like to take the Splunk platform to new and exciting places.Look at some of this integration work for example.

We walk the talk.And we have the proven pedigree to create a best of breed Splunk solution for you.So please get in touch and let’s start talking about your requirements.

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