Splunk Pubnub Modular Alert v1.5.7


The Python code in this App is dual 2.7/3 compatible. This version of the App enforces Python 3 for execution of the modular input script when running on Splunk 8+ in order to satisfy Splunkbase AppInspect requirements. If running this App on Splunk versions prior to 8 , then Python 2.7 will get executed.


This is a Splunk Modular Alert for sending messages to a Pubnub channel



Activation Key

You require an activation key to use this App. Visit http://www.baboonbones.com/#activation to obtain a non-expiring key

Pycrypto Module

You have to obtain, build and add the pycrypto package yourself :


The simplest way is to build pycrypto and drop the "Crypto" directory in $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/pubnubalert/bin. I don't recommend installing the pycrypto package to the Splunk Python runtime's site-packages, this could have unforeseen side effects.

Building and installing PyCrypto

I do not bundle the pycrypto module with the core release , because :

So , here are a few instructions for building and installing pycrypto yourself :

3) browse to where the Crypto module was installed to ie: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Crypto

4) Copy the "Crypto" directory to $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/pubnubalert/bin


You will need a Pubnub account to use this Modular Alert.

You can sign up at pubnub.com

Once your account is setup you will then be able to obtain your Publish Key from your profile.

Encryption of credentials

If you require an encrypted credential in your configuration , then you can enter it on the setup page.

Then in your configration stanza refer to it in the format {encrypted:somekey}

Where somekey is any value you choose to enter on the setup page to refer to your credential.


Perform a search in Splunk and then navigate to : Save As -> Alert -> Trigger Actions -> Add Actions -> Publish to Pubnub

On this dialogue you can enter your Pubnub "channel" and "message"

For the message field , token substitution can be used just the same as for email alerts.



Modular Alert logs will get written to $SPLUNK_HOME/var/log/splunk/pubnubalert_app_modularalert.log

Setup logs will get written to $SPLUNK_HOME/var/log/splunk/pubnubalert_app_setuphandler.log

These logs are rotated daily with a backup limit of 5.

The Modular Alert logging level can be specified on the setup page. The default level is INFO.

You can search for these log sources in the _internal index or browse to the Logs menu item on the App's navigation bar.


1) Is your "channel" correct ? 2) Are your alerts actually firing ? 3) Is your publish key correct ?


BaboonBones.com offer commercial support for implementing and any questions pertaining to this App.